About Elliot

An accomplished entrepreneur, expert storyteller, and authority in digital content strategy, Elliot Trotter has founded and led several companies to international success. Elliot has forged global partnerships, working with a diverse roster of clients from produce distributors to biotech startups. As Editor-in-Chief and founder of Skyd Magazine, he led hundreds of worldwide contributors and directed broadcasts with Dubai Sports and CBS Sports Network.

He is the founder and Creative Director of Moon Rock Creative, a small creative agency based out of Seattle, specializing in digital media, marketing, and content creation.

Elliot is a national championship ultimate frisbee player and former professional with the Minneapolis Wind Chill, Vancouver Riptide and the Seattle Rainmakers. Elliot is the host of Ultimate Globe Trotter, and author of the satirical BroTales: Fairy Tales for Bros.

Elliot’s poetry has been featured in In Tahoma’s Shadow and Crosscurrents.


Meanwhile…on the internet

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