Carved out of print and chemical dipped tree-stuff
Through rain, snow and wind, carried to homes
Stamped from our networks
Stored, counted, and collected in cherish containers
Love notes with an auspicious promise:
50% off
Instant rebate
Buy one, get one

Our business of happiness
Works for everyone
Joy to the housewife who buys discount yogurt
Joy to the manager who sees profit otherwise unfound
Joy to the world defined by what we give so we can take

By reducing fees this leaflet of pleasure
If only for a moment turns the rich poor and
The poor rich
Presto chango rearrango
The unobtainable, obtainable
The inaccessible, within our grasp

Let us praise the coupon
The greatest invention of all humanity
And let us whisper its humble chant of generosity
Just above our heartbeats:
Buy, sell, be merry

And we all shall agree:
Those of us lucky enough to receive the gift of our neighbors
Are just a bit better off than the rest

Listen now children
Gather-round and imagine
Imagine if such fairy dust and elixir were part of tales past
For when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai
No god could prepare him for this