In hours unknown by modern Earth dwellers (something like 4am)
In what must be an act of divine poetry
Or the reveal of a new dimension
The planets aligned
And a computed electrical burst leapt forth
Inspiring life from World Wide Web to
The brains and souls of we the people
All of us dissected and reformed in the image of Twitter

Quivering at first
Humanity shook its form
Searching through the memories of a 140 character universe
I. Iam. I am. I tweet. I am. I tweet. I am. I tweet I am. I tweet I am. I tweet therefore I am.
Unabated by social pressures to chirp all that we are
The walls of homes and offices and corner restaurants
Reverberated with us at the very basic but true
Tweeting at the top of our lungs
From the highest of mountain tops
From the lowest of submarines
I’m hungry for a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell
I’m exhausted from going over all those finance reports at work today
I’m not going to the Rihanna concert if that bitch Lisa is going
If there was a surface level impression, by golly we all heard about it
We thought we were happy
Free from limiting norms
It was right to speak like skin
But soon, as we began to wonder, not what, but why
Humanity started to freak

Only able to think in truncated tongue
Our buildings no longer rose
Our factories decomposed and died
Boyfriends and girlfriends everywhere broke-up via text-message
Until poetry spoke again, twisting this fate back to utopia
You would find the average person
Starving to death, barely aware
Attempting to live the façade of a television commercial family
Running through the routines of dressing in a stained suit for work
Only to find the coffee pot shattered
His wife with ink-stained eyes after days of
Confused sleeplessness paging through People Magazine
For scrambled eggs instructions
Look at that civilized birdbrain
A man who lives happiness by definition alone
And do what he cannot
Empathize, realize
That as we programmed bits of life to
Represent ourselves in characters and not action
In good and not goodness
We lost all that made us human
And found all that made us human