City bus banner
Gazing Hooters invitation through my windshield
A model citizen no doubt
Prepared to giggle and tickle my testicles

You gorilla vision to sugar scene
Relishing in tiled shower, I move to hold hair and
Sample vanilla silicon
But sight rolls in a different lane
I fondle steering wheel

O mind of merit!
Give passion to poster and pours to eyes
The better to embrace…

Gasp! You reach out past glass and dashboard
To feel, to caress, to delight
Hand nears my chest, abs, lower, lower please…

But no brushed touch erects
Instead fingers of raw and meddle
Desires to thrust cooled by air-conditioning and
The stink of fried poultry

I once walked under nocturnal eyes
Taking water and fries
I sat amongst great men doused in their Thursday’s best
We called upon you, asking for apple pie
And your teeth flashed like billboards

A gasoline flow
The cycle of statues runs deep into our animality and
Beyond comprehension
Inspiring heights and doubt

Shall statue be blamed for lust
Or lips that kiss it?
Patron desires sculpture
Sculpture grows from desire
Where does power lie
In a symbiotic paradox?

And so, as red turns green I hoot
“My dear lady
What is a golden owl, but a golden calf?
What is a poster, but a mirror?