I will always remember Juicy Juice

Eons ago
Cheeto dust stuck to our fingertips
Like an Orange Crush mirage.
We drank Coca Cola and laughed
Bubbles scratching our throats
Like Cherry flavored pop rocks.

In my memory, there is not a day without Cheerios
Not a day without Gatorade, Yoplait or Goldfish.
Times ago, we would gather, every man, woman and child
And in one symphonious voice shout out:
A large Dominoes pizza please! Delivery!

But, those days are as long gone as Pepsi Blue,
Collapsing upon themselves like a neutron Gobstopper
And setting before an ocean of Sunny Delight.

These Starbucks notions were not rooted in skyscrapers
No. They stemmed from the nooks of the Earth
Where mom would make you Pop Tarts
For nothing, but your love.