On Monday, day-break came in saucers
On Tuesday, day-break came in saucers from the heavens
Falling towards Earth like magic feathers on a silent breeze and
Setting in soil
Machines wrapped in elegance so discreet
We swore you were Gods

You frightened us, all-knowing alien-leopards
Piercing voices and our reflections in metallic skin
Bodies dashing hastily, wanting something – what?

Smell brought you here
Bittersweet of earth and cocoa stretching across the cosmos
The charcoal crunch of mobility and betterment
A scent which spelled: PRODUCTIVITY

For years you were our morning rush
Dirtying welcome mats with space dust
Entering offices and interrupting meetings
Purring down steaming pitchers
Asking for six-packets, not one
Non-providers–roasted alive

We were your one stop pick-me-up shop
Placing jugs on stoves so we could sleep
Building your pyramids with seeds
Seeds that built our cities
Unlocking potential
To step on backs
For fear that we might falter

On a Saturday, mugs were hollow
Fields were barren
Saucers were gone
Fueled to rule and mule across the galaxy
While on this planet heads ached and production slowed
Weeks shortened
And days became nights

We hated you
But now, when we widen our sleepy souls and
Step upon cracked cement to look towards the stars
Those tiny beans of energy
We wish to be you