Seattle SketchFest 2011: Official Videographer

By October 9, 2011 No Comments

I’ve been selected for the second year in a row as the Official Videographer of Seattle SketchFest – the longest running SketchFest festival in country. Organized by Clayton Weller and crew, Seattle SketchFest brings together some of the finest sketch comedy groups in North America to the Theater off Jackson including the likes of Ubiquitous They, Charles Comedy and Dk & Morgan. This year, I was please to be able to catch and film the work of Peter & Chris, Charles Comedy,┬áComedian Barbara Holm, the Don’t We Boys and more. Congrats to the Seattle SketchFest team for putting on another amazing show.

Last year at the Fest, in addition to helping to film SketchFest’s project called MashUp, I put together a documentary about Ubiquitous They and the creative process. Below you’ll find a Ubiquitous They clip from last year’s SketchFest.