STC Documentary Update: Ted Rall

By April 5, 2011 No Comments

Ahoy matties! As you may be aware, I’ve been slowly chipping away at a documentary tentatively titled The Shape of Things to Come (STC) which is about examining humanities future based on different perspectives and encapsulate human progress. In a sense, the hope of this documentary is to present some vision(s) of our future.

Well I’m pleased to report that I have completed another interview, this one with political writer and cartoonist Ted Rall about his book The Anti-American Manifesto in which he predicts the collapse of the United States and calls for a revolution.

I first learned of Ted when CLAW’s RR Anderson interviewed him about his expedition to and stay in Afghanistan. I then learned he was speaking at Elliott Bay Book Company near where I lived so I made sure to see him. I was very intrigued by what Ted brought up at his presentation and new he would be a perfect fit for the project.

After digesting his book and finding the right time to meet with him, we arranged an interview and I fly down to San Francisco. With the help of videographer and artist John Espey, I was pleased to be able to sit down with Ted and record a fantastic discussion.

So there you are. I’m still chipping away at this project and will continue to do so. More updates when the next interview is set.