The Shape of Things to Come (Documentary in Progress)

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Working Title: The Shape of Things to Come

Synopsis: Featuring prominent authors, social, technology and religious leaders and more, the goal of the project is to look at past and present visions of humanity’s future, analyze the elements that create(d) these¬†predictions/movements. With those independent voices, I hope to speak to the question of whether or not we are headed towards Utopia or Dystopia, what that means, and how we get there. In a sense, the project hopes to encapsulate human progress and present different idea of the shape of things to come.

Featured Interviews:

Ernest Callenbach (filmed summer 2009)
James Gunn (filmed winter 2010)
Kim Stanley Robinson (filmed spring 2010)
Lierre Keith (filmed summer 2010)
Grandma (filmed winter 2010)
Ted Rall (filmed winter 2011)

Derrick Jensen
Stephen Hawking
Mike Judge
Albert Brooks

Suggestions welcome!

Estimated Completion Date: TBD